Temporary Exhibitions - Guidelines and Application Form

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Temporary Exhibitions - Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

The public exhibition Space in the Channel Museum is available for the promotion and display of the art, craft, or other exhibition proposals of both local community groups and individuals and greater Australia. All applications to exhibit in our temporary gallery space are assessed by the museum's curator and must conform to community standards. The curator is the sole arbiter in the approval of the exhibition, artists, and time allocation. They reserve the right to not accept or display any particular work.

If you would like to hold an exhibition in our temporary exhibition space, please read the information below and contact us using the online contact form at the bottom of this page or email our curator, Lara Colrain, directly at curator@channelmuseum.org.au


Artists are encouraged to place their work for sale and price their work at a realistic level. The museum will retain 25% of the sale price.

A list of exhibited works, detailing the name of the artist, the name of the work, and the sale price must be supplied for confirmation and reconciliation purposes.

Any exhibits sold during the exhibition will remain on display until the end of the exhibition except if, in the opinion of the curator, this places the sale in jeopardy. In this instance, every effort should be made by the exhibitor to replace the work with a similar item.


The museum takes all reasonable care with exhibits, but will NOT accept responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage of any exhibited items. Exhibitors are advised to insure their exhibit items.


Exhibitors must submit at least one high-quality image (approximately 1 MB in file size) and an editorial script (preferably in Microsoft Word), of no more than one page describing the artist, the work, and the context of the work. The curator may use this script as the basis for social media posts, editorials submitted to media outlets, and any radio or television interviews arranged in conjunction with the display.

The exhibitor will also allow the reproduction of the supplied images and curatorial photos in the media by the museum free of charge for promotional purposes.

The museum will arrange for lettering to be placed on their roadside noticeboard advertising the name of your exhibition. The choice of words is up to the curator. 

Opening Events

Exhibitors are encouraged to arrange an opening event for their exhibition. Invitations to such events are at the discretion of the exhibitor. The museum reserves the right to invite its members, at its cost, to any such event.

Catering for an event can be arranged with the Channel Cafe (CC) management. The cafe facilities are not available for self-catering. Subject to agreement with CC, an opening event may be held during the day or early evening.

Bumping In and Out

Displays may be set up on a date and time agreed to with the curator and dismantled accordingly. After the dates are agreed upon and advertised, no deviation is permitted unless authorised by the curator. While the exhibitor is responsible for set up, the curator and museum volunteers may be available to assist.

You must accept the Terms and Conditions.