A Night at the Museum 

(Guest speaker event)

'Bhutan' - Neil Sorensen

March 22, 7 pm - 8 pm 

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Temporary Exhibitions

'Ring Ring, Why Don't You Give Me a Call?

March 13 - April 2 

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Curator's Pop-up Display

Returning May


External Exhibitions

(Kingston Library)

'Take a Walk Down Memory Lane'

March 3 - March 30

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A Night at the Museum:



The Channel Museum is hosting its second ‘A Night at the Museum’ for 2023, featuring guest speaker Neil Sorensen.
Bhutan is a kingdom high in the Himalayas, abounding with a unique charm unmatched by many countries around the world. Most of the population lives the Buddhist philosophy, which is reflected in Bhutan's culture.
The presentation will cover aspects of the country's beauty, culture, and way of life.
This event will take place at the Channel Museum on Wednesday, March 22, 7:00 – 8:00 pm.
Seating is limited, so bookings are essential. To reserve a seat, please get in touch with the museum via phone at (03) 6267 2333 or email secretary@channelmuseum.org.au
This is a free public event. Donations are always welcome.


Current temporary exhibitions:



'Ring, Ring, Why Don't You Give Me a Call? - Telephones Through Time'

(March 13 - April 2)

This exhibition showcases our collection of antique, vintage, and more contemporary telephones.

Entry to the exhibition is free. Donations appreciated.


External exhibitions:



'Take a Walk Down Memory Lane'

Kingston Library

(March 3 - March 30)

'Take a Walk Down Memory Lane' with these fascinating cultural objects representing our human past from the 1800s to the 1900s. This exhibition showcases an assortment of toys and games, emporium wares, domestic items, medical equipment, musical instruments, cameras, typewriters, and radios, which are just a snippet of the wonderful collection we preserve at the Channel Museum.


Future temporary exhibitions:













Theresa Anne Roberts

(April 3 - May 4)

Theresa has loved art from the first time she held a pencil in my hand, having been inspired by the beauty of the Huon Valley, where she's lived her whole life.

Theresa's been painting landscapes for the last 30-plus years on all mediums, but mainly acrylic on canvas, and now on card.

The focus of her art for the last couple of years has been native animals and marine life. Bringing them to life is a challenge that she greatly enjoys.

Primarily working with acrylic and thinking outside the box brings Theresa a sense of achievement and happiness.