A Night at the Museum 

Quiz Night!

Wednesday, March 13, 7 pm


Temporary Exhibition

Traces of Places: Linda van Bemmelen

January 2 - February 29

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A Night at the Museum: 


A Night at the Museum

(March 13, 7 pm)

The quiz will be conducted by Mike Avery, a volunteer researcher at the Museum.
You can either bring along your own team, or we can sort something out on the

The quiz will cover a variety of topics, including local history. The questions
are at an ‘easy to moderate’ level. There will be a small prize for the participants
of the winning team.

The emphasis of the night will be on having a bit of fun, and maybe learning a
little bit more about the Channel (and other parts of the world).

Here  are some sample questions to get your mind working:

1. As a result of an outbreak of smallpox and measles, the Bussorah
Merchant, a ship carrying free immigrants from Ireland, was sent to
quarantine at Snug River. Where did they bury the survivors? Hint: 30
years later bones surfaced on a part of Snug Beach.
2. Worsley Road was named after the Worsley family. Groombridge Road
was named the Groombridge Family. Who was Minchins Road named

$5.00 per participant. Seating is limited so bookings are essential. To reserve a seat
email secretary@channelmuseum.org.au
or phone 6267 2333 during opening times (Sun to Fri 10.00 am-3.00 pm)



Current temporary exhibition:




Traces of Places

Linda Van Bemmelen

(January 2 - February 29)

Our temporary exhibition for January and February is ‘Traces of Places’ by local artist Linda van Bemmelen. Linda’s abstract paintings are inspired by the world around her - memories of architecture, towns and landscapes. She states,’ Expressing myself through colour, line, marks and placement of structure-like forms, I have created depth and textures of interest and elements of surprise. Her work aims to inspire and trigger recognition, intertwining reality with imagination.

All artworks are for sale.

A small donation is appreciated upon entry to the exhibition.

Museum opening hours are Sunday to Friday, 10 am - 3 pm.


Future temporary exhibition:


Coming soon!