History to take away! The Museum has a huge amount of information in its displays and library but it is fairly scattered and could take hours of reading to get an overall picture of your topic. So we've done the hard work for you by producing a series of booklets which summarise those topics - places, people, institutions etc. - so you can take them home and then dig deeper if you wish, back here or on the Internet.

All are just $5.00 each. If you would like one posted to you please fill in a "General Enquiry" form and we'll let you know the cost and how to pay.

So far, these are our titles:


Lily Poulett-Harris and the beginnings of women's cricket in Tasmania (Steve Wass).

How a young lady living in Kettering started the first organised women's cricket competition in Australia

Boat Builders in the Channel (Gail Foster)

Documenting the proud tradition of construction of vessels from the bark canoes of first nations people to modern times.

Margate Hotels part 1 - the Groombridge Hotels (David Tulip)

The history of the Halfway House Inn and Silver Crown Hotel which were (mostly) owned and run by members of the Groombridge family.

Channel Football Club - Genesis and Demise (Mike Avery)

Channel came about after the 1967 bushfires when several smaller clubs combined. and sadly went into recess in 2016.

Origins of Football in the Channel (Mike Avery)

Every little town in the Channel once had a footy team - these are their stories of foundation and, at times, intense rivalry!

Margate Hotels part 2 - the Morning Star, Margate Hotel and Matthew Flinders Tavern (David Tulip)

Two hotels with three names stood on the site of the current Margate Tavern and bottle shop from 1856 to 1988.

Channel place names (Mike Avery)

The origins of names of townships, geographical features, parks and roads are many and varied (and some are unknown!)

Channel Snippets part 1 (Mike Avery)

Did you know...? A collection of little-known facts about our region, some amusing, some a little strange!

The Hawker Family (Merton "Bill" Hawker, edited by Lee Ims and Mike Avery)

Woodbridge baker and storekeeper's story in his own words.

Grant's Channel Bus and Ferry Company (David Tulip)

The history of road transport in the Channel and the early Bruny Island ferries.

"Did you know?" Channel Snippets part 2 (Mike Avery)

Lifelong Margate resident Mike continues his strange-but-true oddments of Channel history.

Margate Methodist Church (Mike Avery)

The story of one of the Channel's oldest places of worship from Methodist beginnings in 1901 to Margate Christian Church as it is now.

The Footballing Steele Brothers (Mike Avery)

Seven brothers from Margate who played football at senior level, including Murray who played for the State Team and could have played in the VFL for St. Kilda.

Longley Hotel (Mike Avery)

From a stagecoach stop "in the middle of nowhere" to change horses halfway between Hobart and the Huon to one of Southern Tasmania's top entertainment venues the "Longley International" has had an interesting history.

Madge Lowe memories (Madge Lowe)

Margate historical author Madge has published five books in her "Days Gone By in the Channel" series collecting other people's stories. This is her story.

Madge Lowe short stories (Madge Lowe)

A couple of previously-unpublished stories by a young Madge which capture the essence of the times.

Behrens family (George Behrens, edited by Mike Avery)

The story of a pioneer family of Gordon told by one of its oldest members.

Gordon Hotels (Mike Avery)

Before there were roads Gordon was an important centre for shipping and so, naturally, it needed pubs. But there hasn't been one there since 1897. Before then...

History of Pubs in Tasmania (Mike Avery)

Some interesting background material which will help you understand our booklets on hotels a little better - especially the frequent breaching of the ever-changing licensing laws!

Convicts, Coachmen and Pirates: family tree stories (Mike Avery)

Some very entertaining snippets that Mike has uncovered while researching his own family tree (which includes most Channel families!)

Convicts in the Channel - older than Port Arthur! (David Tulip)

The Channel has a convict history that predates Port Arthur, with sawing stations at Margate and Birchs Bay. And some well known local families began with a convict ancestor. Some of their stories,